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I have decided to put a question and answer section up on my site because unnecessary questions are constantly sent to my e-mail asking questions like this so to save me and the people asking the trouble of sending a question and waiting for me to reply I have created a question and answer so the can all see and know.


Why is your site called Gear Legacy/Aki Guilty Gear?

Gear Legacy is the main name for my site. I named my site Gear Legacy because of the Holy War that occurred during the Guilty Gear history. On my site Gear Legacy means “The reign of the gears”.


 Aki Guilty Gear is referring to Sol Badguy because he is the Guilty Gear. Sol is the Guilty Gear because he was converted into a gear over 150 years ago and wants to eradicate the creator of the Gears because of that. Sols is guilty that Gears are causing so much annihilation to the earth so he his trying to stop them in his own way. Thus he is guilty, which makes him the Guilty Gear.

To get to the point Aki means fall in Japanese and the reason I used Aki Guilty Gear was because when it is translated into English it means Fall Guilty Gear. On my site I used Fall Guilty Gear to express the emotion that the Gears want Sol Badguy dead.

Aki Guilty Gear = Fall Guilty Gear/Die Sol Badguy.

Note: Aki Guilty Gear is the name of my download section.


What is Run Till Tomorrow?

Run till tomorrow is the name of my main Guilty Gear page which features the information the forum and various Guilty Gear artworks for the visitors to view.


Why are there two different sites?

The reason that I have two different sites is because I use one site for information and the other site for space. If I merged the two sites then the bandwidth will diminish alot faster because the Guilty Gear mp3 download page.


Why are all the names of this site named after Guilty Gear tracks?

I wanted my site to be unique and I thought of many ways to do this, however every time I found a new idea it was already taken so while I was listening to Run Till Tomorrow the idea struck me that I should name my site after Guilty Gear songs that suit the subject.


How can I contact you?

I don’t know how many times I am going to answer this question but I will in this Q&A. For msn its for yahoo its

I will not answer this question again.


How can I be a member of this site other than the forum?

You can join my site by asking me and I will send you an application form for you to fill in. Being a member will give you the right of unlimited Guilty Gear mp3s to download off me and unlimited requests. Also you will receive a special member card that will have a picture of your favourite Guilty Gear character or you information on how good you are on Guilty Gear games (like highest survival) and favourite Guilty Gear song.


How many Mp3s can I request monthly?

Each person who is not a member of this site will be allowed to request two mp3s per month.


This section will be updated as soon as a question is asked more than once

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