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This drama CD is about how Sol is drawn into the plot to recover blacktech. Also this Drama CD contains a side story about the first time Testament and Dizzy first ever encountered each other.
2.Dry Gin
3.Bourbon Rock
5.Crime and Justice
6.The Grave, the Girl, the Flowerbed
7.Deep Forest and Deep Wounds
8.Deep Wounds and Two Eyes

1. [ Prologue ]
Disc: This disc, as a compilation of technology until the present day... with a technological backbone... culture... revitalizing... technological use... all of scientific technology... reco... as a database...

Disc: Reviewing history. 2010. Mankind succeeds in analyzing the theory of magic and thus gains access to unlimited energy. As a result, the destruction of the environment via technology is ceased. As well, the use of certain types of weapons is also forbidden. During this year, production of this disc also begins. 2014. Mankind, with the power of magic, attempts the furtherment of nature with the Organism Strengthening Plan, AKA Gear Project. The results are password-protected and therefore locked. Please enter the passcode.

Disc: History after this point is not recorded. Now fixing copy... verify error. Due to physical damage to the disc, data could not be copied correctly. Cancelling...

Narrator: The 22nd Century. Mankind gives up technology in exchange for the limitless power controlled by magic. Technology is called the despicable work of the Old World, "Blacktech", and is forbidden around the world. But, the foolish humans gave rise to the forbidden weapons, Gears. Mankind feared these weapons that possessed wills. After the destruction of a country, mankind formed the Holy Order of Knights, and worked towards the sealing of Gears.
2. [ Dry Gin ]
Narrator: Guilty Gear X, Drama CD Vol. 2.

Narrator: Sol Badguy.

Narrator: Chapter One - Dry Gin

???: Did you find him?

???: No... but he couldn't have run very far from here...

???: We have to catch him no matter what!

Bartender: Welcome.

Sol: Alcohol.

Bartender: What'll it be? Scotch, bourbon, beer, wine? I can make cocktails too.

Sol: Gin. Straight.

Bartender: I have some good British gin.

Sol: Another one.

Bartender: Y-yes, certainly.

Hardy: Hey there, handsome... looking good.

Sol: Huh?

Hardy: Treat me to a glass too.

Hardy: Hey, won't play along? There just aren't any other good men in this bar...

Bartender: Thank you for waiting.

Sol: Get lost.

Hardy: What is this? Trying to make a fool out of me? You couldn't buy cheap beer with this money.

Hardy: Oh? Or maybe you're... gay?

Bartender: Hardy, don't pick on the customers...

Hardy: He's such a poor turn-out. You can't call him a customer...

???: Hey miss, why don't you come over here and drink with us?

Hardy: I'm busy! There aren't many good men here. But even so it looks like he's got no interest in women...

Sol: I'm busy over here too. You'll make the alcohol taste bad, so get lost.

Hardy: Huh. Just who do you think you are?

Axl: Ack! Oh geez, what a failure...

Hardy: Oh, what a spirited fellow. Hey there young man... did you come to drink? Or, to do some exercise? Either way, I'll be happy to come along with you. I'll be your partner for either one...

Axl: Ohhh... you say some interesting things. Am I... catching on?

Hardy: You are, you are!

Axl: Ahhh... so, is my charm unfailing, maybe?

Hardy: That's right, I was waiting for a sexy man like yourself...

Axl: And hey, when I look around I don't see any other HEY! DANNA! To think I'd meet you here!

Hardy: What, you know this man? Then, you're also g-...

???: Axl Low! Running into a place like this. You think you can hide?

Axl: Ouch! Your timing is really bad. Want me to hate you?

Hardy: What the... cops? I haven't done anything wrong!

Axl: Miss... wait over there for me, ok?

Hardy: Huh?

???: Hmph. Though you could get away from us?

???: No matter where you hide, we'll find you!

Axl: Hey, you've got a long nose. Your ancestors were probably elephants, right?

???: Who do you think you're messing with!?!

Axl: Hey, calm down already... here... have a nice... DRINK!

???: My eyes!

Bartender: Sir! Please keep that outside...

???: Why, you...!

???: What the hell are you doing?

Axl: Hey hey hey hey hey, that wasn't me?

???: This piece of scum!

Axl: Let's go for basic...

Hardy: Oh my god...

???: Dammit, trying to get me too?

Axl: Oh dear, I missed...

???: You...!

Axl: Oh, that's not goo-!

Sol: You... some trash got in my glass.

???: Who the hell are y-*urk*!

Axl: Danna, danna, that's overdoing it...!

Sol: Shut up.

Bartender: M-my place is getting torn up!

???: Dammit... you're a friend of his?

Bartender: Please do this somewhere else!

???: We'll pay you back!

???: We've got to--

???: Hey, what the hell are you doing!

Axl: This has blown way up...

Sol: Bothersome.


Bartender: Ahhh... it's burning! Burning!

???: Damn it... this guy's like him too!

Sol: Shut up. Tyrant RA-!

Axl: WAIT! Wait a sec...

Sol: Want to get burned too?

Axl: Danna... isn't this place a little too narrow? Outside!

Bartender: My place is...!

Axl: Whew, that was dangerous! Good, they didn't follow.

Sol: Explain.

Hardy: Hey. Thought just the two of you could get away? I don't think so.

Axl: Oh miss, you were ok? Great!

Hardy: Not "great"! What are you going to do? About this dress?

Axl: Hey, calm down...

Sol: The Police?

Axl: Those guys? Very good, danna, you're right. They may hide their faces, but those movements... it's gotta be the Police Force.

Sol: ... so this is what they call an inseparable relationship.

Hardy: That's the only bar in the village, so stop mixing it up with the Police, okay?! You're ruining my business!

Axl: Sorry, sorry!

Hardy: And I want to be paid back for this dress too!

Axl: We'll talk about it next time, ok? For n...

Hardy: Hey. Don't run.

Axl: I won't run!

3. [ Bourbon Rock ]
Disc: Please select chapter number.

Disc: Chapter Two - Bourbon Rock selec-selec-selec... error.

???: Looks like it's no good. If we don't get the original disc... reading this will be impossible.

???: Dammit, how annoying! What happened to the search party?

???: Sir! They met up with Ky's division but... it seems that just before, it was stolen by air pirates.

???: Have him get it back, no matter what! Even if we have to send out the entire Police Force!

???: Sir!

Narrator: Chapter Two - Bourbon Rock


Axl: H-h-h-h-hey wait!

Sol: Gonna talk?

Axl: I have to explain from the beginning... so please calm down danna!

Axl: It was in a village about 100 miles west of here... I was drinking at a bar...


Axl: Hey... master... why isn't there scotch?

Bartender: They only like bourbon here. If you want something else, go somewhere else.

Axl: Eh, well I guess bourbon isn't bad... alcohol is alcohol... and alcohol is naturally good, you know. One bottle softly... ah, it enters the glass naturally... so many sensations, in the mouth... ohhh... it enters my stomach naturally... and I start to feel good naturally...

Axl: Ah... following natural law sure is great... like E=mc^2, you know?

???: That's right. Alcohol sure is great.

Axl: And among alcohol... scotch!

???: Certainly a good feeling.

Axl: (hic) That's right! You have to have fun with alcohol.

???: I'll have a bourbon on the rocks too th...

Axl: Ahh! No.

???: Huh?

Axl: If you put in ice it'll ruin the flavor, you know?

???: I see.

Axl: That's right!

???: Anyway... what you said earlier...

Axl: Huh? Something wrong with scotch?

???: Before that. E = something or other...

Axl: Ohh... E = mc^2? Something about that?

???: I'm impressed you know that...

Axl: Whaaat? Is this extortion?

???: So it's this one!

???: That's right.

???: Yes it is.

Axl: Huh, your friends?

???: Now, let's have you come along... quickly now!

Axl: Bro... no need to RUSH!

???: Wait! Running away!?

Axl: What's with you guys... Axl.. Raver!


Axl: ... it was like that. Without any reason at all they suddenly started chasing me...

Hardy: ... isn't that drinking and running off without paying?

Axl: Hey... danna? Ack! Ugh... hey... danna!

Sol: You... where did you hear those words...

Axl: Come on, danna!

Sol: Those words! The blacktech... say it! Where did you hear it?

Axl: Well, at a pawn shop, there was this disk... uh... this golden tablet, I bought it and it talked! ... Oww... my butt...

Sol: That tablet... where is it.

Axl: Um... about that... to pay for the alcohol on the way...

Sol: Aggh.... damn you.

Axl: Wait! If you burn me here it'll end up bad for you, right? I'll tell you where I sold it...

Sol: Say it!

Axl: You've got some use for that disc, right? That means we'll have to travel together for awhile, right?

Sol: Alright... hurry up and take me there.

Hardy: Now wait just a second.

Axl: Oh miss, were you still here?

Hardy: Not "still here"! I won't leave until I get compensation for my dress!

Axl: Hey, sorry, but... just think of it as an accident and give up, okay?

Hardy: It's not okay! Looks like you have important stuff with that tablet and that blackwhatever but hey! To live with my child I have to have money!

Axl: Wh-... you're a mom, miss?!

Hardy: That's right! I came to live here with my child! Even in a place like this, if you've got money you've got something to eat! Doesn't matter how dirty the money is... it's money! If I can earn it... then we can live!

Axl: I see...

Hardy: It looks like the Police are after you... but you know... I can just go inform them right now...

Axl: Come on, give us a break...

Sol: ...quiet.

Axl: Danna, don't! Now that I've heard that, we've got to do something...

Sol: This should certainly be enough now, right?

Hardy: Th-this is... gold...!

Axl: This is about 1000 world dollars...!

Sol: Let's go.

Hardy: S-so much... you're not going to say "give it back" now, right?!

Sol: Do whatever.

Axl: Such a pair...

Sol: If that's blacktech, then I know the Police will act. Then why should they hide themselves? Tsk, this is bad.

4.[ Boileermaker ]
Disc: Chapter Three - Boilermaker wa-wa-wa-was se- error. Data cannot be re-re-re-read...

???: Irritating. Turn it off!

???: Sir!

???: Has there been a report from Ky?

???: It seems that the tablet has been damaged...

???: I don't care if it's in pieces! Tell him to bring it back! If we don't hurry, the other leaders will start to notice.

???: Sir!

Narrator: Chapter Three - Boilermaker

Axl: Huh... to think it was Old World treasure. No wonder the Police came flying.

Sol: Here, huh.

Axl: A restaurant! Chinese huh. I guess I'm hungry... gotta fill up!

Jam: Hiii, welcome! Table for two right?!

Axl: Get us some beer for starters!

Jam: Okay, two cups right!

Sol: We're not customers.

Jam: Not customers?... you're going to eat and run? Eating and running is like dying here! That's despicable!

Axl: Wait! We wanted to ask some things.

Jam: Not going to eat and run?

Axl: No, no!... although we don't have money either.

Jam: Eating and running, I knew it! Achawwww!

Axl: Oww! Why me!?

Jam: You won't dodge the next one!

Owner: Hey, Jam! Why are you fighting the customers!?

Jam: Owner! These two were going to eat and run! I caught them!

Axl: Like I said, we're not, aru!

Owner: I am so sorry! Jam, to the back. Washing dishes for you!

Sol: In any case you. Have you seen a golden tablet?

Owner: Tablet? We don't have that kind of stuff here... we serve Chinese food.

Axl: No clues? It's round, and flat, and golden...

Sol: It's this.

Axl: Right, exactly like... hey, you got it!

Jam: Oh, that's a potholder**!
**Note: "nabeshiki" is not exactly a potholder; it's a hard, heat-resistant square or disc placed under pots when they're put on a table.

Axl: Potholder!?

Jam: Yes! I bought it at the pawn shop. But they cheated me! They said it talks, so I bought it thinking it would bring customers... but it won't say a thing!... but, it's handy as a potholder! It's hard so it won't bend, and it doesn't get hot at all...

Axl: Geez... an Old World data disc, used as a potholder...

Jam: Yes! Very handy!

Axl: Impossible! When I had it, it worked...

Jam: But it won't work! Jam doesn't tell lies!

Axl: Ok! Let me teach you how to use it.

Jam: If it really works, I'll treat you to dinner!

Axl: Oh great, that's a promise right? Hmm, let's see, it should be... *hums*

Jam: Such a weird melody...

Sol: Because it's from an old era.

Disc: Self-boot confirmed. Pl-please enter keyword.

Sol: I see... so it reacts to Old World songs...

Jam: It worked, it worked! Thank you for teaching me! This'll be the store's specialty!

Axl: Then...

Jam: Like I promised, I'll feed you until you're sick!

Axl: Great, great!... I mean, I want you to sell this.

Sol: It'll be unlucky if you don't hand it over.

Jam: It'll be expensive.

Axl: You can't use this as an attraction...

Jam: I can always use it as a potholder.

Axl: Heey...

Sol: Hey. No time to play around.

Axl: Huh?

Sol: Here they come.

???: Okay, stop right there! Nobody move!

Axl: They chased us!?

Sol: Persistent dogs.

Axl: And they didn't want to reveal themselves... hiding their faces and everything...

Sol: Whatever...

Axl: Let's do it...

Jam: What are you doing to my store!? Hwachaaaaaw!

Jam: Senri Shinshou!

???: Damn! Everybody attack!

Axl: Not good...

Sol: Get lost!

Axl: This one'll end it!

Sol: So damn ANNOYING!

Jam: I won't forgive you! I'll be your opponent!

Axl: We'll leave it to you...

Jam: Prepare yourself!

Jam: Ten! Jou! Ten! Ka! Yui! Gyo! Doku! So!**
**Jam's IK

Jam: Too easy!

Owner: Jam!

Jam: Owner! I cleaned everything up.

Owner: Whaddya mean, cleaned up! Everything's messed up!

Jam: Then...

Owner: You'll be working for free for awhile!

Jam: B-but Owner...


Axl: Geeez... I got caught up again.

Sol: That's my line.

Axl: What'll you do now, danna?

Sol: Break it.

Axl: What a waste!

Sol: Hey. Start up!

Disc: Self-boot confirmed.

Axl: No way!

Sol: That's all you need.

Disk: System unstable. Previous command executed. Please import data from backup and enter k-keyword.

Sol: So there is a backup...

Axl: So it's not unique, eh...

Sol: Disc. Display the location of the spare unit.

Disk: Now searching. Signature found. One hit. Backup unit, one. However, unit split. Communication unknown. Operatable parts: One. That is all.

Sol: Show the operational part.

Disk: Displaying within 1000 meters...

Axl: Hey, a map! Amazing! A 3D image!

Sol: Ok... I'm done with you...

Axl: Huh? Talking about me? To fight here... it's been a long time with danna... ooh, my arms are tingling...

Sol: Volcanic Viper!

Axl: Ah... huh?

Sol: What were you expecting?

Axl: Um... uh... you know, Rashousen or something?

Sol: Heh... I'll play with you some other time.

Axl: Hey, danna! Where are you going!? Oh, the tablet... hey... the t-tablet... it's all crumbled and burnt... You know, I like medium rare better than well-done... hey danna!

Sol: It's time to finish things...

5.[ Crime and Justice ]
Disk: Last Chapter - Crime and Jus-jus-jus-jus... seleccccccc...

???: Damn this thing!

Disk: Crime-crime-crime-crime...

???: Ah, the copy!

???: The original! We're going to get the original. Contact?

???: We've contacted Ky's ship. The tablet has been recovered from the Zepp ship. He's asking for permission to destroy the tablet!

???: Stop him. I'm going too... we can't leave this to that kid anymore.

???: Sir!

Narrator: Chapter Four - Crime and Justice

Ky: Has everybody escaped?

???: Yes sir.

Ky: Then you too.

???: Sir! Ky-sama... good luck!

Ky: I'm sorry... I don't want to get anybody involved... in my fight with him. Not anybody... he's coming.

Sol: Grand Viper!

Ky: Stun Edge!

Ky: So it was you after all.

Sol: You again? If you don't want to get fucked, hand over the tablet.

Ky: It looks like a souvenir...

Sol: I have no time to play. Bring it out.

Ky: Hmph. You won't explain why?

Sol: Don't make me say it again. I don't have time.

Ky: If you want it, perhaps you should learn about cooperation.

Sol: It always comes to this.

Ky: No need to hold back. Vapor Thrust!

Sol: Too easy!

Sol: Riot Stamp!

Sol: Volcanic Viper!

Sol: Why don't we leave it at that?

Ky: This is my duty... I can't do that! Prepare!

???: Still here? Yammering around... Ky Kiske-kun.

Sol: Who the hell are you?

Ky: You're...!

???: You take too long to succeed in your missions.

Ky: Defense Captain!

Defense Captain: We're on official business. Please do your work faster.

Sol: Get in my way, and you'll be crushed.

Defense Captain: For example... like this.

Sol: What?

Defense Captain: Fire!

Defense Captain: Okay! Cease fire.

Ky: That's... Old World weapons...

Defense Captain: Even things like these are useful once in awhile. It cleaned up the guy you, former Holy Order captain, had trouble with all this time...

Ky: Wha... to think the Police Force would depend on blacktech...

Defense Captain: Depend? We're not depending on these. We're just using it. Now. Well done, Ky-kun. Hand it over.

Defense Captain: What? Think a little. Or... perhaps you want to share the same fate as that man?

Defense Captain: Throwing away the glory of the former Holy Order, and becoming a traitor?

Ky: And perhaps you haven't been planning this all along?

Defense Captain: You're something else, Ky Kiske-kun.

Ky: Let me ask you one thing. How do you think this disk... this blacktech will help you?

Defense Captain: For the Police Force's goal... that is, peace.

Ky: But...!

Defense Captain: You should know history. War begins when the balance of power crumbles. If all the power is gathered in one place... violence will disappear, and happiness will rule.

Ky: Foolish...

Defense Captain: A world where nobody wants, united. A peaceful world will be born. Won't you join us? At the side of the rulers. As a bringer of peace, and bearer of justice.

Ky: This power... the power of blacktech... can't bring peace. This can only bring sadness... brought forth by humans... this itself is humanity's sin.

Defense Captain: Hmph. Naive, boy... fire!

Sol: Gramps shouldn't talk for so long.

Defense Captain: I-impossible! You live after taking so many bullets?!

Sol: I'll clean you up all at once. Dragon Install!

Defense Captain: What are you looking at!? Fire! Fire!

Sol: Volcanic Viper!

Defense Captain: Crazy guy!

Ky: Wait! Stun Dipper!

Ky: You won't get away!

Defense Captain: Please! Don't kill me! I was... yes... I was just following orders!

Ky: Whose orders...

Defense Captain: That's...

Sol: Let's finish this. Napalm Death!

Ky: Wait!

Sol: You're a bother.

Ky: I can't let you do that.

Sol: Let go!

Ky: I can't!

Sol: What will you do.

Ky: I'll take him back to headquarters and give him his rightful punishment.

Defense Captain: I-I see! Well done! Perhaps I'll promote you later...

Ky: You no longer have that kind of power. Think about your position.

Ky: Even if the Police Force itself is corrupt... there is dedication. Submit to dedication and accept your punishment.

Sol: Where is there any of that?

Ky: In... my heart.

Sol: Well... wipe your own ass.** Anyway... bring that out.
**Figure of speech, means "take care of your own business", of course.

Ky: This...

Sol: That's right.

Ky: Even if you destroy this, the other half was taken by the air pi...

Sol: The other half no longer functions.

Ky: Impossible... Sol, you're...

Sol: No.

Ky: Then... let me do this last one.

Ky: Ride the... Lightning!

Sol: Huh... well done.

Ky: This is my justice.

Ky: Wait.

Sol: Huh?

Ky: ... I'll say my thanks for today.

Sol: Forget about it.

Officer: Ky-sama! Are you all right!?

Ky: Everyone?

Officer: Who did... this...

Ky: This was... him...

Officer: Let's chase him! Contact HQ and call for reinfor...

Ky: Stop it. It's okay... for today.

Officer: But...!

Ky: We have things to do first. Round these people up and take them to HQ.

Officer: But... these are all Police...

Ky: Round up every one.

Officer: Sir!

Ky: If this was the decision of the entire Police Force... will I have to fight the Police Force?

Officer: Preparations complete!

Ky: What happened to that showman?

Officer: Ha... ah! He must've escaped in the confusion... damn. Forgive me! I'll call for support...

Ky: That's okay. We've done well enough this time.

Officer: Sir!

Ky: The most important part is getting experience. And... using that for true Order. It seems that I too must grow like that...

6.[ The Grave, the Girl, the Flowerbed ]
Narrator: Dizzy and Testament - Beginning: The Grave, the Girl, the Flowerbed

Testament: Father... it's been a long time since you passed away, but the atmosphere doesn't change. Perhaps you understand what I've been through...

Priest: Are you a former Holy Order member?

Testament: Huh?

Priest: I'm sorry to surprise you. Forgive me... I saw you were visiting this grave here, so I thought perhaps you might be a former member of the Holy Order...

Testament: I'm not a military person. I just came to personally lay some flowers... and... who is that little girl over there?

Priest: Ah... this is Josephine. She's always tidying up these graves for us. Come on... introduce yourself.

Josephine: Nice to meet you... I'm Josephine...

Testament: Nice to meet you, miss. I'm Tes.... no... Kliff. Could you call me Kliff?

Priest: Kliff... a name I've heard before.

Testament: Oh?

Priest: That's right. Right now I'm just a caretaker, but I used to be part of the Holy Order in our struggle... it wouldn't do to forget Kliff's name.

Testament: (Have I been found out?!)

Priest: But to think a person with the same name would come visit... oh... are you perhaps a relative?

Testament: Well... something like that.

Priest: When you're done with your visit, please, come into the church. Would you like to have some tea together? Certainly we could talk about the old days...

Testament: Thank you for the thought.

Josephine: Father, can I come too?

Priest: Of course.

Josephine: Then, I'll put the flowers here...

Testament: (This girl, her eyes...)

Josephine: The reason I'm living now is because you all helped fight the Gears... thank you.

Priest: Well done!

Testament: Father... this girl's eyes, are...

Priest: Yes... they've been like that ever since she was little... but recently a doctor named Faust has come to the village and has been working on her...

Josephine: He says that soon I'll be able to see too!

Priest: Just a little more patience, ok? ... he looks a little suspicious, but his skill is certainly there...

Josephine: Dr. Faust is very nice! Didn't you teach me not to judge people on their looks?

Priest: That's right, Josephine. Now, I'll go on ahead and start preparing tea... until then.

Testament: Josephine... do you know who is resting in this grave?

Josephine: The memebers of the Holy Order, right?

Testament: Yes...

Josephine: The priest told me that resting here are the members of the Holy Order, who fought against the demons known as Gears to preserve the peace...

Testament: Such a smart girl...

Josephine: I like that!

Testament: Having your head patted?

Josephine: Yeah! Because, even though I can't see you I know you're there.

Testament: (Father... after escaping the control of Justice, I think that maybe I will live for children like this one...)

Testament: Now, Josephine, we can't make the priest wait long. We should... Josephine!

Venom: I see. So this girl is called Josephine!

Testament: Who the hell are you!

Venom: Tell Faust this. If he wants to guarantee the safety of his patient, he should join our syndicate!

Testament: Syndicate? What are you talking about?

Venom: Tell him and he'll know.

Testament: Let that girl go!

Venom: Please don't bother me... shoot!

Testament: Projectiles!?

Venom: All you have to do is be a good messenger. If not... you're in for a world of pain.

Testament: (If I can just create a vulnerability...)

Venom: Haa... Double Head Morbid!

Venom: It looks like you won't listen no matter what...

Testament: Come on and attack! (With Josephine there, I can't use my scythe!)

Venom: What's the matter? You're no match.

Venom: Ugh... this skill... what are you!?

Testament: I've taken this girl back!

Venom: So fast...!

Testament: (I can't fight with her in a place like this... must pull back!)

Venom: Wait!... I guess I underestimated you...

Testament: Scatter beautifully!

Venom: What... I'm weakening... it couldn't be...! You won't get away! Wait!


Testament: I see... this forest should be safe.

Josephine: See? I've played here since I was little.

Testament: Here?

Josephine: Yeah... nobody comes here anyway... and I have a friend here!

Testament: (Hmm? What is this... aura... the guy from before? No, this is different... it's...)

Josephine: What's wrong, Kliff?

Testament: (This aura is...!)

Josephine: Kliff?

Testament: Uh... oh! Sorry... I seem to have spaced out. It's nothing.

Testament: (Close... just over there... this spirit... it couldn't be, a Gear? No, it's different...)

Dizzy: I told you you shouldn't bring any friends, didn't I?

Josephine: Dizzy-oneechan?

Testament: (Dizzy?)

Josephine: Where are you?

Testament: (This aura... it's definitely a Gear! It couldn't be... but... she sounds like a young woman...)

Dizzy: Didn't you promise to come along when you came here, Jose?

Josephine: I'm sorry, Dizzy-oneechan... but...

Testament: We had no choice. Please don't blame her. And, could you take her for a second?

Dizzy: Is it not over yet?

Testament: An unknown person is following us.

Josephine: It'll be okay. Dizzy-oneechan is very kind! We pick fruit together, and catch fish...

Dizzy: Jose, I told you not to tell anybody about this place...

Testament: (This girl is... the aura from before. Her body... certainly isn't human.)

Josephine: It's okay! I didn't tell anyone in the village.

Testament: (The reason she's hiding... it's because she's a Gear.)

Josephine: What's wrong, Kliff? You look... scary...

Testament: Oh... it's nothing, Josephine.

Josephine: I know! Kliff, call me "Jose" too.

Testament: Jose?

Josephine: Yup! Dizzy-oneechan, and my mom, and Kliff will call me that. It's special!

Testament: Thank you, Jose.

Dizzy: Jose, I don't care if you come play here, but don't go home too late.

Josephine: I know, Dizzy-oneechan!

Dizzy: And, don't separate from us, okay?

Josephine: Haha, you sound like my mom, Dizzy-oneechan!

Dizzy: Because I have to, Jose...

Dizzy: Kliff...

Testament: Yes?

Dizzy: Before it gets dark... take Jose and leave this forest.

Testament: Eh?

Dizzy: And... please don't ever come here again.

Testament: It's still so bright...

Dizzy: The villagers call this the "Demon's Dwelling", and none of them ever get close... because the darkness here lasts longer than anywhere around.

Testament: A forest of darkness...

Dizzy: Is there something?

Testament: (A Gear aura after all... what is she, this girl called Dizzy.)

Dizzy: Jose? Please leave with this person, and... Jose?

Josephine: Kyaaaah!

Testament: Damn! We were followed!

Dizzy: What?!

7.[ Deep Forest and Deep Wounds ]
Narrator: Middle: Deep Forest and Deep Wounds

Venom: Now come, Josephine... I won't do anything bad.

Josephine: No...

Venom: I apologize for before... but... if you don't listen to what I'm saying, it'll cause problems!

Josephine: No... no... stay away!

Venom: I see... I have no choice. I don't like doing this but...

Josephine: That hurts! Help! Dizzy! Stop it! Let me go!

Testament: You, again!?

Venom: Going to bother me again? I have no choice. This is my duty!

Testament: I won't hold back any more!

Venom: Oh... going to fight seriously?

Testament: Get away from Jose...

Venom: You wait up here in this tree.

Josephine: Kliff...

Testament: Exe Beast!

Venom: Saw it coming! ... looks like a mistake.

Testament: Too easy!

Venom: Ugh!... aiming for there...!?

Venom: Carcass Ride!

Dizzy: Stop!

Venom: Somebody else!?

Josephine: Help me, Dizzy!

Testament: No!

Venom: Damn... I hit the hostage...!

Testament: I couldn't make it...!

Venom: My aim was thrown off!

Dizzy: Josephine!

Venom: This power... it isn't human! I have to retreat...!

Testament: Wait!

Dizzy: Josephine! Josephine!

Testament: Dammit!

Josephine: Dizzy... hold... me...

Dizzy: Jose...

Testament: (Dizzy's power just now... clearly not human... that of a Gear!)

Dizzy: Jose!

Testament: (Never mind that now...)

Testament: We have to take her to a doctor! To Faust or whoever!

Dizzy: But...

Testament: Hurry! Don't you want to help her!

Dizzy: I...

Testament: I don't know where to go. Tell me which way to go!

Dizzy: I'll... guide you...


Venom: So they're headed for Faust's... the result is good, but the means I didn't care for...

Millia: Certainly like you.

Venom: Millia! Why are you here...

Millia: Always talking about your duty, yet thinking of something else... that's what I like most and hate most about you.

Venom: Duty is duty. There is no room for emotion.

Millia: Even if it's about Zato?

Venom: That person...

Millia: You just said differently.

Venom: Anyway, Millia! How dare you show yourself in front of me. Even being chased by the Syndicate.

Millia: Oh? Since when did you become so great that you could call me without a title.

Venom: Betraying Zato-sama... hunting him, hurting him!

Millia: That's because he was weak.

Venom: Are you saying he was weak!?

Millia: Still blinded, are you. Haven't returned to the Syndicate?

Venom: Zato-sama cannot be pained. I will find him... and save him.

Millia: My goal is also to find Zato.

Venom: What?

Millia: Let me tell you something good. The Assassin syndicate is in a very unstable state without Zato now. Just like a ship that's lost its sails.

Venom: I know that well, being in the Syndicate.

Millia: How great for you!

Venom: What?

Millia: There are those in the Syndicate who say that Zato has died, and as a result there have been betrayals and alliances over who should succeed... you can't see it on the surface but it's all scattered on the inside. The duty you've been given this time... is a trap to lure you away from headquarters.

Venom: What!?

Millia: They've obtained information about where Zato may be...

Venom: Zato-sama is... what is that information!?

Millia: And then... they send you away from headquarters, and while you're away... they assassinate Zato. Such a simple plan. No, not even a plan. Just foolish behavior. After all, there will be repercussions...

Venom: Why would you tell me this.

Millia: If our purpose is the same, more people is better, right?

Venom: And after we find Zato-sama?

Millia: After we find Zato... I will kill him.

Venom: How dare you say that in front of me. But... I will protect him! Even if everybody becomes my enemy!

Millia: How brave of you. But before that... we should find him.

Venom: So are you saying we should now cooperate? Hmph, this is too much.

Millia: Not really, is it? After all once we find Zato... I won't let him get away.

Venom: Such nonsense coming from you.

Millia: Think of it as you will.


Testament: That doctor named Faust... his skill is great, right?

Dizzy: Probably... I've only heard about him from Jose, but she says he's a mysterious doctor.

Testament: A mysterious doctor?

Dizzy: Yes...

Testament: Have you never met him?

Dizzy: I've never left this forest, so...

Testament: Why!?... never mind.

Dizzy: Ah... go right here.

Testament: Okay. But... I want you to leave the forest this time.

Dizzy: That's...

Testament: I'm not trying to blame you, but if you're thinking about Jose you should be with her!

Dizzy: Thinking about Jose...

Testament: Her wounds are because of an accident. You can feel responsible if you want, but... if she learned that you felt guilty and left, to her it would be losing her only friend.

Dizzy: Friend...

Testament: We've left the forest.

Dizzy: So bright! Outside the forest... the sun is...

Testament: Now... will you come?

Dizzy: Yes... I will...

8.[ Deep Wounds and Two Eyes ]
Narrator: Ending: Deep Wounds and Two Eyes

Testament: Sorry about earlier.

Dizzy: What?

Testament: It was sudden, so... I was unnecessarily rude.

Dizzy: Please don't worry about it.

Testament: I'll apologize, but, can I ask you something?

Dizzy: What is it?

Testament: About that power earlier...

Dizzy: That power is... do you really want to know?

Testament: If you don't want to talk about it I won't ask. But, there are some things that become easier when you talk about them...

Dizzy: I'm... not human.

Testament: I knew.

Dizzy: Eh?

Testament: I don't have the confidence to call myself human, either. Have you heard the name Testament?

Dizzy: I'm sorry... I've been in the forest all this time, so...

Testament: I see... a long time ago there was a kind, but tough man. While raising an orphan, he fought as a Holy Knight. The child raised by that man was named Testament. That Testament was caught up in a scheme and converted into a Gear, and regardless of his original will, became a killing machine. But that nightmare ended, and now even though a Gear he wants to live as a human... and that Gear Testament was reborn. That is me.

Dizzy: Kliff?

Testament: That's the name of the Holy Knight who raised me.

Dizzy: Then...

Testament: I... am a Gear too.

Dizzy: Testament... I was abandoned as a child too. And... I have a grandfather and grandmother** who raised me. But...
**Not blood relatives.


???: She's not human!

???: That's right! To grow a tail, and wings too!

Grandfather: But... Dizzy is our only daughter...

???: We don't need monsters in our village!

???: That's right! If word of this got out...

???: They'd ruin our village!

???: We must treat her like a Gear. Gramps... this is what the village has decided.


Dizzy: And then, in order to hide me from the villagers, Grandfather and Grandmother hid me out in a cave in the forest. There are rumors that demons live here, so the villagers don't draw near. At first Grandfather and Grandmother worried about me and came to visit me in the cave, but... gradually they became distant, and now nobody comes to visit. I got used to living alone. Because I have these children, Necro and Undine, I wasn't in any trouble. But... I was lonely.


Dizzy: Who's crying out there?

Josephine: What? Is there somebody here?

Dizzy: This forest is cursed. Please go home before you get lost...

Josephine: I can't...

Dizzy: Please go home, if you want to...

Josephine: I can't go home...

Dizzy: Do you not have a place to go home to?

Josephine: No...

Dizzy: Then why can't you go home?

Josephine: I don't know how to go home...

Dizzy: Just return on the north road...

Josephine: I don't know...

Dizzy: There, don't you see it?

Josephine: I... can't see.

Dizzy: Oh!... I'm sorry!

Josephine: It's okay... everybody says the same thing...

Dizzy: I'm coming over there.

Josephine: Miss?

Dizzy: My name is Dizzy.

Josephine: Dizzy?

Dizzy: What's your name?

Josephine: Josephine.

Dizzy: Such a nice name.

Josephine: Hee.

Dizzy: Finally smiled for me, eh?

Josephine: My mom says, that my smile makes everybody happy, so I should smile as much as possible.

Dizzy: I see, and I feel happy too.

Josephine: Hey, Dizzy-oneechan.

Dizzy: Yes?

Josephine: Can I hold your hand?

Dizzy: Of course. Here.

Josephine: So warm...

Dizzy: Ah...

Josephine: These are... wings? Then, Dizzy-oneechan... are you an angel?

Dizzy: Well... I don't know...

Josephine: You must be an angel! After all you helped me! I go to church every day and pray... pray that I'll meet an angel, that one day I'll see again! Finally... God finally answered my prayers!

Dizzy: J-Josephine...

Josephine: Dizzy-oneechan?

Dizzy: I'm sorry... I... I can't do anything for your eyes...!

Josephine: Dizzy-oneechan... are you crying?... it's okay! I got to meet an angel! My other wish will be fulfilled soon!

Dizzy: Yes... that's right, isn't it...

Josephine: What kind of wish do you have, Dizzy-oneechan?

Dizzy: I...


Dizzy: I wanted a friend. Someone who would accept me even as I am, and take me as a friend.

Testament: I see.

Testament: It's taking time...

Dizzy: Jose...

Faust: You called me and I came, ta-da!** Hmm! Operation finished.
**One of his quotes during the door teleport.

Testament: Is Josephine...!?

Faust: The treatment was fast so she's okay. It probably won't leave any scars. And...

Dizzy: And?

Faust: With my miraculous skill, it's possible to do miraculous things! Such as...

Dizzy: Such as?

Faust: Restore her sight?

Dizzy: Jose!

Faust: Now, come this way.

Josephine: Dizzy?

Faust: It's showtime! I'm going to take off the bandages...

Josephine: Okay... it's... a little scary...

Faust: Now... time for the excitement!

Dizzy/Testament: Jose!

Josephine: I... can see!

Dizzy: Jose!

Josephine: Your hair... your face... your wings! You really are an angel! Your hands... your... Dizzy-oneechan... are you really an angel? Do angels have tails?

Dizzy: That's...

Josephine: Dizzy-oneechan!

Testament: Jose... the priest taught you, right? You shouldn't judge people on how they look.

Josephine: Yeah... but...

Testament: It's late already, so get some rest.

Josephine: Kliff...

Testament: Leave Dizzy to me.

Josephine: Okay...

Testament: Dr. Faust... I leave Josephine to you.

Faust: You can count on me. I will take care of my patients!

Testament: Dizzy!... Dizzy!

Dizzy: Testament...

Testament: What's wrong, Dizzy!

Dizzy: I... shouldn't have left the forest after all. I shouldn't have showed myself in front of her... I... can't...

Testament: Get a grip! Who saved that girl? Who cheered her up? Who showed her hope?

Dizzy: But... but!

Testament: It's okay. It's already late. You can talk tomorrow. I left Jose with Faust...

Dizzy: Wah!

Testament: Flames... fire!?


Faust: Aaaah! It's burning! Burning! My office is burning up!

???: Is this really okay? Father...

Priest: Yes... I saw it... a despicable body... an unhuman atmosphere... wings of a demon! Yes... that was a Gear! The Gear... the demon is aiming for this village!

???: If the former Holy Order memeber says so, he can't be wrong!

???: I see... yeah... it must be true! We must protect our own village with our own hands!

Priest: We must have the first strike. We cannot feel pity for a demon! Demons use people's kindness against them! Be careful!

???: Father!

Priest: More fire! Burn it all!... this is!

Dizzy: Jose... Jose!

Josephine: Dizzy-oneechan... it's hot...!

Dizzy: Josephine!

Priest: D-demon!

???: It's a demon!

Dizzy: I'm... sorry... sorry, everyone... stop it... Necro... stop it... Undine... don't... please... stop! I... I'm... I'm breaking apart!

???: Help me!

???: Father!

???: Please run away!

???: Together!

Dizzy: Please stop it!!!!!!


Millia: This is where the flames are from... what is that monster?

Venom: That girl... that one who is more than human...

Millia: Flames are spreading...

Venom: They won't be able to run away.

Millia: We have to save them quickly. Venom, help me!

Venom: This riot has nothing to do with Venom-sama.

Millia: Help me.

Venom: An assassin like me, help?


Millia: Trying to behave like a professional assassin? Even when you have just a boy's eyes behind that hair!

Venom: ...I got angry because I couldn't fulfill my mission. But... I guess in exchange for the information I'll help you.

Millia: If you couldn't save these people, I would've laughed if you thought you could save Zato.

Venom: To be laughed at by you...

Millia: We must get as many people out as possible.

Venom: We have to hurry, or the building will...!


Faust: Ohohoho! The patient caretaker... will... take responsibility and save you!

Venom: What a strange doctor...

Millia: It feels like we've met before though...

Faust: Oh... there was still smoke...

Venom: We have to hurry!

Millia: Was that my imagination?


Testament: Stop it, Dizzy!

Dizzy: Please... stop it, Undine...

Testament: If you don't, you yourself will...

Dizzy: No... listen to me! If you keep doing that... everyone... Necro... please!

Testament: Can't you control them yourself!?

Testament: I can't... I promised never to run away again. Even if it cuts away everything, I will swing this scythe! My past and her past... cut it away! Sadness can become the light of loneliness, disappearing like a meteor. I will do that for you... Dizzy!

Testament: Seventh Sign!

Dizzy: Stop it... please... don't hurt anyone... please...

Testament: Dizzy! It's okay now... you don't have to worry about anything anymore. You won't have to suffer by yourself. You won't have to hurt anybody. Because I will be at your side from now on. If you're sad, I want to hear about it! If your past is painful, I want to bear that pain. If your tears won't stop... I'll wipe them away for you. Until your heart is calmed... I will accept you. Because I... was born with the same fate as you. For you... I don't care if I'm called a demon!


Faust: At least everyone was wounded only slightly... there is no need for serious work. Thank goodness...

Josephine: Dr. Faust...

Faust: Ohoho Josephine! Are you hurt anywhere!?

Josephine: No... thank you.

???: She's got wings...

???: A tail! Tail!

???: She went through the flames!

???: My house was burned up!

Testament: Dr. Faust... thank you for saving Jose.

Faust: Not at all! I was doing what I could as her caretaker.

Testament: Come... Dizzy.

Dizzy: Jose...!


Josephine: Don't call me "Jose" lightly! Don't treat my name... like...

Dizzy: Jose...

Josephine: Demon! Go back to the forest!

???: Yeah! Go back!

???: Go away!

Priest: Go away!

Dizzy: I... I'm... I'm...!

Testament: Dizzy... I'm with you. Let's go back to the forest.

Dizzy: ...yes, Testament.

Testament: (Kliff... to protect this important thing, I will continue living. I think this... is my new purpose as a human being.)

Faust: Weren't... you friends? Right?

Josephine: Yeah...

Faust: She's was trying to save you, you know.

Josephine: But...

Faust: The wings?

Josephine: Her wing... it's white... and it really looks like an angel...

Faust: It sure is. It seems pure white, like the snow.

Josephine: But her other wing... was black...

Faust: I see...

Josephine: Was she really a demon? Or... an angel?

Faust: Hmm, that's a difficult question! ... what do you think, Josephine?

Josephine: I... I...


Dizzy: Hey, Jose! It ran over there!

Josephine: Eh? Where where!?

Dizzy: Near your right hand... just there!

Josephine: Ah! I felt it with my hand! I touched the fish with my hand, Dizzy!


Josephine: I... want to believe... in Dizzy... I want to believe. Because... she was so kind...

Faust: Then... why don't you go see her? After all... you have your own two eyes now.

Josephine: Yeah!

Narrator: In that play...

Hanada Hikaru: Sol Badguy - Hanada Hikaru

Kusao Takeshi: Ky Kiske - Kusao Takeshi

Nanba Keiichi: Axl Loooow - Nanba Keiichi!

Komori Manami: Kuradoberi Jam - Komori Manami

Kobayashi Katsuaki: Testament - Kobayashi Katsuaki

Fujita Kazue: Dizzy - Fujita Kazue

Yaeda Mikio: Venom - Yaeda Mikio

Sumitomo Yuuko: Millia - Sumitomo Yuuko

Kondou Takashi: Faust - Kondou Takashi

Machie Miki: Josephine - Machie Miki

Takahashi Hiroko: Hardy - Takahashi Hiroko

Sakano Shigeru: Defense Captain - Sakano Shigeru

Kajiano Akira: Soldier A - Kajiano Akira

Suzuki Takahiro: Soldier B - Suzuki Takahiro

Yamamoto Keiichi: Subordinate - Yamamoto Keiichi

Narrator: Narration was brought to you by Koyasu Takehito

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