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Disc One (70:10)

1) Labyrinth of Souls (Opening) Download Here 0:56

2) Revelations (Sol Vs Ky) 3:17

3) Starchaser (Sol Badguy's Theme) 3:11

4) Pillars of the Underworld (Ky's Theme) 3:06

5) Get Out of My Way (May's Theme) 3:14

6) The Great Empress (Millia's Theme) 3:04

7) Dementia (Eddie's Theme) 3:13

8) Megatona Furioso (Potemkin's Theme) 3:06

9) Child of the Wild (Chipp's Theme) 3:10

10) Take the Pain (Faust's Theme) 3:02

11) Dogs On the Run (Axl's Theme) 3:02

12) Ricochet (Baiken's Theme) 3:28

13) Riding the Clouds (Anji's Theme) 3:06

14) Keeper of the Unknown (Venom's Theme) 2:57

15) Desert Dust (Johnny's Theme) 3:04

16) Sticks and Stones (Jam's Theme) 3:09

17) In the Arms of Death (Testament's Theme) 3:07

18) Tears are Forever (Dizzy's Theme) 3:03

19) Crash And Burn (Bridget's Theme) 3:18

20) The Vampire Saga (Slayer's Theme) 3:10

21) Seizures (Zappa's Theme) 3:05

22) Blacklight Babe (I-NO's Theme) 3:11

23) Vortex Infinitum (Robo-Ky's Theme) 3:03


Disc Two (65:56)

1) Vengence Is Mine (Kliff's Theme) 3:10

2) The Day Of Judgement (Justice's Theme) Download Here

3) Faith Shall Save Thee (Sol Vs Ky Type-EX) 3:08

4) Red Crossroads (Millia Vs Eddie Type-EX) 3:07

5) Ditto (Same Character) 3:17

6) Dead Silence (Same Character Type-EX) 3:23

7) Rogue Hunters (Assassins) 3:15

8) The Midnight Carnival (Last Battle) 3:10

9) Latez (Arcade Mode Ending A) 3:07

10) Run Till Tomorrow (Arcade Mode Ending B) 3:12

11) Dance Of The Behemoth (Arcade Mode Ending C) 3:04

12) Final Opus (Survival Mode Ending) 3:19

13) Redemption (Character Select) 3:03

14) VS 0:17

15) Fighting (Continue) 0:33

16) Options 3:05

17) El Fin (Game Over) 0:25


Even though the Ost was not composed by Daisuke himself, no one was disappointed with the tracks the Ost contained The soundtrack for the Guilty Gear #Reloaded, the better version of the game. The soundtrack is different from the other soundtracks of Guilty Gear, it's been change you can say and it has. Though some won't really sound like it goes with the character but some of it does. When this album was released, some say that they were pretty disappointed of it of how they changed it but some say it was pretty good. This soundtrack is quite similar to the Midnight Carnival like Ky's theme and Robo-Ky. You'll find out about the themes below which are listed from first to last about how they are. And last to mention, this track does not play in the game.


Labyrinth of Souls
It's the opening theme of the game, of course short and less than a minute. The song starts out pretty nice as the name goes, then it speeds up

giving it a danger sounding surrounding.


Character Select
This song doesn't go with it in my view, it does sound like it wants

you to make your decision quick so it's pretty good.



Great to put it a showdown theme, this one might be better than the

other V.S. theme used in Guilty Gear X2


Star Chaser
This is Sol's theme, it's alright, doesn't really go with him, since of course
it's not his style to go slow and the name doesn't even sound like him.


Pillars of the Underworld

This is Ky's theme, it's really good, it shows some bravery, but I wish they could have named the song something else since of course, Ky is a Holy Knight.


Get Out of My Way

This is May's theme, it goes along with her and the name. Quite like Blue Water Blue Sky, but something a bit there is missing.


The Great Empress

This is Millia's theme, doesn't show much of her personalities (i.e. silent), Writhe in Pain is better because it shows much more of her nationality.


This is Eddie's theme, goes quite well, except for that yell. This song fits perfectly.
They gave the song a horror-like effect, it's really nice but sounds a lot like Megatona Furioso.


Megatona Furioso

Potemkin's theme, this song fits him really well; it's like a soldier's marching.


Child of Wild

Chipp's theme of course, great name but the song doesn't go with him. It's too slow, his other theme Suck A Sage is much better.


Take the Pain

This is Faust's theme, starts off like his theme The Original, it stops here an there most times so this song is alright, a bit of techno or trance?. The name does go with him.


Days on the Run

Axl's theme, the song goes with the name, but I don't know about the "going along with" thing.



Baiken's theme, starts off like a few race cars taking off, the theme is good a bit of Heavy

Metal at one time and then it suddenly changes to Soft Rock but the song is mostly Heavy Metal.


Riding the Clouds

Anji's theme, Does not go with him at all! Doesn't show any trace of him. The name goes well

but not the music. But still, you can imagine him riding his dragon above the clouds.


Keeper of the Unknown

This is of course Venom's theme, goes very well with him, name does too. Great theme.


Desert Dust

Johhny's theme. Its quite a good song. It sounds like they have given him a bit of pimpness in this theme, goes great with him.


Sticks and Stones

Jam's theme. To be totally honest it sounds a lot similar to Babel’s Noise. This theme is really good, it shows a lot of her nationality by the instruments used. It sounds like a classic Chinnese cong mixed with rock.


In the Arms of Death

This of course is Testament's theme, the name and the theme itself goes perfectly with him. This is a great theme for him.


Tears are Forever

Well you guessed it Dizzy's theme! This might show of her sad past, and it pretty much does. The song begins scattered and misplaced and slowly increases in tempo until the chorus when the song slows down and the guitarist plays a distorted melody with his guitar. The process repeats with added parts within it.

 It’s an above average song in my view.


Vortex Infinitum

The name says it all: Robo-Ky's theme, this theme is of course the same as Ky’s theme but remixed. Just like Holy Orders in Guilty Gear X2


Vampire Saga

By looking at the name this song gave it self away instantly. This is Slayer's theme, this theme is great, suits him just fine.


Blacklight Babe

This one also gave itself away by the name, I-no's theme, the theme is fast, mostly of course guitars, the whole song has a trance to it and in my view I found this theme mediocre.


Crash and Burn

This is Bridget's theme, closely similar to Simple Life, this theme goes with him but something is missing in my view. This theme sounds a lot more quiet.



Zappa's theme. This theme goes perfect with him as well as the name. It's great.


Vengence is Mine

Kliff's theme, not a very good theme in my view. The name and the actual theme does not suit Kliff that much.


The Day of Judgement

Justice's theme, the name and song goes well but it's still not better than Meet Again.



Sol and Ky's vs. theme, it's as good as Noontide in my opinion.


Faith Shall Save Thee

Sol and Ky's EX vs. theme, it's pretty much around average to me, No Mercy is better.


Red Crossroads

Millia and Eddie's/Zato's vs. theme of course. I think that Still in the Dark is better.



A good show down with your clone. In my view I think it is a lot better than Nothing Out of the Ordinary.


Dead Silence

Doesn’t sound at all like you would expect it to be (its terrible)...


Rogue Hunters

The theme to the Assassins. This one in my view may be better than Existence from Guilty Gear X2.


The Midnight Carnival

Last battle theme, not quite like a "Carnival" it's more like haunted house theme.



Ending A of the Arcade/Story, this is similar to Till' Next Time.


Run till Tomorrow

Ending B of the Arcade/Story, this theme is pretty good, but there's no sadness.


Dance of the Behemoth

Ending C of the Arcade/Story, this theme is great, almost a good theme for Leopaldon.


Final Opus

The ending of the Survival theme, this theme gives you a nice try, better luck next time thing

so it's better than Sorrow.



The options. Nothing special but the other one is better


El Fin

The ending or as we call it Game Over, quite fast


And last but not least, my last suggestion to the review. The sound track is good not the best but good, so my rating for it shall be 7.5/10. From all this overall favourite will be theme of Robo-Ky which is called


Review done by: Syn


Adexanime Copyrightę 2004