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This Drama CD is about Ky Many/Johnny being mixed up in a struggle for Old War Technology which is referred to as magic. The story starts off with Johnny and may in a shop buying cloths while trying to haggles the shopkeeper for a discount. May begs Johnny for a weeding dress but Johnny refuses and the shopkeeper gives the two a low-down on a new ruin that has been discovered. Johnny and May makes their way to the ruins…………………………………………….  



  1. Daybreak
  2. 15-15
  3. Trap
  4. Good Present
  5. Street Corner
  6. Thunder
  7. Cradle



1.                   Daybreak



Narrator: Guilty Gear X, Drama CD, Vol. 1

Narrator: Prologue - Daybreak

Narrator: The 22nd Century. Mankind succeeds in understanding the theory of magic, and thus unlocks limitless energy. Science becomes regarded as a technology of the "Old World" and is forbidden worldwide. But then, by the power of magic, the forbidden living weapons, Gears, were created. Mankind feared the judgment of these weapons that possessed wills. After the destruction of a nation, the Holy Order of Knights was formed, and the Gears were sealed.

Shopkeeper: Hmm, well then, how's this?

Johnny: What a joke, gramps! That's too much beyond the definition of too much.

Shopkeeper: Even if you say that, I have a business to run...

Johnny: Hey, it's not like you don't know who I am, right?

Shopkeeper: Leader of the pirates, Johnny-san, right?

Johnny: Ye-es, that's right. I have to take care of all the members of the Jellyfish pirates you know... so why don't you just take a little bit more off that abacus there.

Shopkeeper: Well, I can't really refuse you, Johnny-danna. Hmm, let's see... how's this! I can give you this much a discount.

Johnny: Ok, ok, that sounds better.

May: Hey hey Johnny, look at this! Get me this too!

Shopkeeper: Oh miss, you have very good taste! That's a French-style wedding dress. It looks great with you! Just like it was made for you!

May: Really? Really? Does it really fit?!

Shopkeeper: Hmm, if we add that, the total comes to... this...

Johnny: We don't need the dress. Just the stuff before is fine.

May: I want this dress! I want want want want want want want it!

Shopkeeper: See, miss wants it this badly...

Johnny: Ah, non, non. Even so I cannot listen to this lady's wish.

May: But Johnny, I wanted a real wedding dress.....

Johnny: It's BECAUSE it's real. You don't want to get such a dress in a run-down place like this, right?

Shopkeeper: This "run-down place"?

Johnny: Don't worry, I'll buy you one one day.

Shopkeeper: Um, hey, how about I add this on! I hear that nearby there's a newly discovered ruins from the Old World.

May: Yeah! Yeah yeah yeah!

Johnny: Huh, what, what? Peddling tourist attractions now?

Shopkeeper: No, no, it sounds like they found it by coincidence. Maybe you'll find something worthwhile there?

Johnny: A heart full of uncaring...

Shopkeeper: Oh, now don't say that! Why don't you take it as something to cheer up miss.

May: Johnny, let's go!

Johnny: Geez...

Shopkeeper: You see, these ruins seem to be REAL ruins...


Ky: An authentic ruins site?

Officer: Yes, and it seems that it's open to the public for sightseeing...

Ky: Seems? There's no confirmation yet?

Officer: Y-yes, we're currently forming an inquisition into it...

Ky: If it's real, then people are once again selling ridiculous things...

Officer: What shall we do?

Ky: It's obvious, isn't it? If it's really a ruins site of the Old World, we must seal it away. We, the Police Force, must protect the public. Sealing away things with Old World technology, and sealing Gears... those are now even more so our duty, as ex-members of the Holy Order.

Officer: Y-yes! I understand!

Ky: Then let us hurry. Just showing off Old World technology is problem enough, but if by any chance this involves Gears, we have absolutely no time to waste.

Officer: But then... but...

Ky: I will go and examine the site personally. Can the airships fly straight away?

Officer: They can be ready in 15 minutes.

Ky: Do it in ten.

Officer: Sir!

Ky: And we haven't even cleaned up the aftereffects of the Blackard Company incident... one after the other... this time, we must make sure nobody suffers.


Showman: Ticketholders! In front of you, the wonders of the Old World shall be revived! It almost can't be believed! The just-discovered ruins! You'll regret it if you don't see it! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, husbands and wives, come and see! The ruins where you can see miracles! The entrance is this way!

Johnny: Hmm? Pretty close to the town, eh?

May: Pretty empty, huh, Johnny?

Johnny: This clearly feels like the word "suspicious".

May: (A date with Johnny, date, date! If we can get alone in the dark, then maybe "May, I'm starting to feel like the word "you"" "Me too Johnny"... as if!)

Johnny: Hey... ladies first!

Showman: Yes, two customers, this way!

Johnny: What's this!?

May: It's so empty... see, even the bed's standing up to the side. It looks like a place to live...

Johnny: Certainly simple living... the walls and doors are laid out plainly, and not a single window...

May: I-it's kind of hard to breathe in here...

Johnny: So were we tricked by that old man?

May: Ah, look, Johnny! A funny machine!

Johnny: Hmm... looks like an airship launcher, maybe?

May: I wonder what people used to do with this thing...

Johnny: Even I don't know the answer to that.

May: A bunch of people would gather here, to do what?

Johnny: Is this really a ruin of the Old World?

May: It's not romantic at all!

Johnny: Oh? And what did you come here to do?

May: Um, uh...

Johnny: Oh? And this is?

Showman: Um, like I said, it's not that!

Johnny: Hmm?

Ky: So, there's no problem in showing us then, right?

Showman: Um, this is no good... not that I've ever defied the Police Force!

Officer #1: Then step aside and let us in!

Officer #2: You! It's not like you don't know that the reckless use of Old technology is forbidden!

Showman: Of course I know! Like I said, these ruins are...

Johnny: ...fake and for show, right?

Showman: Oh, sir...!

May: How mean, you tricked us!?

Showman: No, but...

Ky: (Hmm? That voice, that face...!)

Johnny: Huh?

Officer #1: So you're saying these ruins are real then?

Showman: No, that's not what I'm saying!

May: So you did fool us!

Johnny: May, let's not get mixed up in this.

May: Why, Johnny!

Johnny: Excuse us, officers.

Ky: Wait. Johnny Sfondi... of the Jellyfish Airmen, right?

May: Not "airmen", happy "pirates"!

Johnny: May.

Ky: You were of great help during the Blackard incident. Thanks to your airship, most of the villagers were able to escape unscathed.

Johnny: No need for thanks, we did accept a reward. From that... um, what's his name, oh right. Your secretary, Bernard.

Officer #2: Captain...

Showman: Please, not here...

Johnny: Hey hey hey hey. I have no business here, but is that your way of doing things?

May: If you do anything to Johnny, I won't forgive you!

Ky: I feel it is unfortunate too. But...

Narrator: Ky Kiske of the Police Force meets the Jellyfish Pirates' Johnny and May. The place, an unexplored ruin. Though Ky owes Johnny, Johnny is the leader of a band of pirates. Will Ky and Johnny cross swords? Fate draws them in to a fight. The judgment cannot be escaped...


2.                  [ 15-15



Narrator: Chapter Two - 15-15

Narrator: Meeting by coincidence at an Old World ruin, Ky of the Police Force and May and Johnny of the Jellyfish pirates. Is their fight a necessary evil?

Johnny: Hey. Hey! One more hey! Is drawing your sword against somebody you owe the justice of the Police Force?

Ky: I am very grateful that you assisted in safeguarding the villagers in that Blackard incident. But...!

May: You could just leave it at the thanks, right, Johnny?

Ky: I'm serving as an official now. As an officer of the police force, I can't let a criminal...

Johnny: ..."can't let a criminal run away" or something like that! To start a fight in a place dangerous like this... you're not thinking, are you?

Officer 1: Captain, is this ok?

Officer 2: Even among known criminals, Johnny of the Jellyfish Pirates is notorious!

Officers: Captain, let's arrest him!

May: If you do anything to Johnny, I won't forgive you!

Officer 1: Shut up!

Officer 2: Criminals are...

May: It's going to hurt...!

May: It's better if you don't think I'm a child!

Johnny: U-um, May...

May: If you want to catch Johnny, I'll be your opponent!

Ky: Are you alright?

Officer 1: S-somehow...

Officer 2: Being so reckless...

Ky: I can't let you go any more. Now, we can only fight.

May: Iruka-san!

Ky: Stun Edge!

Johnny: I have to teach her a little more control...

Ky: If we fight here...

Johnny: We have no idea what kind of things are sleeping here! May! Think about where we are.

May: But Johnny...

Ky: Wide open!

May: Wo-ah, that was dangerous.

Ky: Not bad.

May: If it comes to this... Great Yamada Attack!

Johnny: Damn, it started to crumble!

Ky: Even Old technology probably won't stand up to a shock like this...! We should get out...

Disc: This disc is a Data Disc collecting the current scientific knowledge of the world. Knowledge, origins, and scientific technology are recorded in this technological backbone. Please select a chapter number or use the search key. Or, to search by genre, please use the Genre Select button.

Ky: A holographic image?

May: What, what!

Johnny: This is...

Ky: Without a doubt, blacktech! An Old World...

Johnny: ...inheritance. This is real.

May: Treasure?! That tablet is mine!

Ky: I won't let you!

May: Johnny...

Johnny: Serious... Mist Finer!

Ky: What are you doing!

Johnny: Don't lag behind, May.

May: But the tablet's cut in half...!

Johnny: Just half is fine! Don't drop it!

Ky: Wait! Old World technology is... you won't get away!

May: Johnny's so mean! The tablet's in half...!

Johnny: Running away comes first! It's crumbling. Hurry!

Ky: Wait!


April: So, what you brought back... is this broken-in-half tablet?

May: Yeah, April. Johnny was like "Ha!" and cut it in half...

April: Then... maybe it can't be used anymore?

May: Really? I guess...

April: Isn't it usually like that? See, it's not doing anything...

May: But Johnny was like "It's ok, we'll just stick it back togeeeether"...

April: If Johnny says that, then it'll probably be fine.

May: Isn't that right!? Which means, I definitely have to get that other half back!

Leap: Ok, everybody! Food's done.

May: Ok!

April: May, I have to steer the ship, so go eat first.

May: Roger!

Johnny: Oh, where's May and the others?

April: Eating!

Johnny: Oh...

April: Hey, Johnny. About that tablet...

Johnny: Eh? Did May tell you?

April: Yeah...

Johnny: Try not to tell anybody else, ok?

April: I think that's... probably hopeless. It IS May, after all...


May: But it's true!

Crew: Ok, ok... *gulp* so eat!

May: Right before I was going to win, Johnny suddenly goes... "Mist Finer..." and...

Crew: Ah, May, please don't do that here...

May: Ah, sorry... but this tablet was found in an Old World ruin, so I bet it's the map to some great treasure!

Crew: What kind of treasure?

May: Um... you know... great treasure of the Old World?

Leap: May-chan! That's fine, but please don't Mist Finer with the tableware!

May: I'm going to get the other half from that good-looking blonde guy!

Crew: Oh, that Police Force guy! Was he that good?

May: Hmm.... not as good as Johnny, you know.


April: know?

Johnny: So she said everything?

April: And well, I...

Johnny: You?

April: I've heard that they found these gold-colored tablets before...

Johnny: Oh? Where?

April: Hmm... more towards the interior of the continent, I think...

Johnny: Ok... then change and set course!

April: Where to, Johnny?

Johnny: To where that tablet was found. I'll leave it to you.

April: Roger! Changing course, 160 degrees, starboard!

May: April... great steering...

April: Oh, sorry!

Johnny: Yeesh... I guess dinner's on hold for now.


Assassin: Venom-sama, that ship has changed course.

Venom: Where to?

Assassin: They're headed this way.

Venom: I see. Have everyone set up the ambush as planned. Have everybody carry "those" as well.

Assassin: Sir!

Narrator: Johnny and May, having obtained the fragment of Old technology, blacktech. They've changed course in order to obtain a complete tablet. They do so without knowing of the man who lies in wait with a trap………


3.                   [ Trap





Narrator: Chapter Three - Trap

Narrator: A mysterious tablet found at an Old World Ruin. For the 22nd century, where all Old technology has been forbidden, will this be a Pandora's Box? Chasing the Old technology, new sin awakens once again.

Narrator: Johnny and May, having obtained a piece of blacktech, Old technology, head for the Thor Museum seeking a whole tablet...

April: Are you really fine with us not going?

May: We're fine! And anyway, if it comes to that...

April: Gather the whole crew**?
**Note: A reference to May's IK.

May: Yeah!

Johnny: Ok, I'll leave the ship to you. See you again, my lady!

May: Later!

Leap: I'm worried... since you and May are especially close.

April: Well, Johnny's with her, and...!

Leap: We do what we have to do, right?

April: I'll protect this ship!

Leap: And I'll make a delicious meal for those who will come back hungry.


May: Ah! Johnny, you're good.

Johnny: You too should learn how to do things elegantly...

May: I'd just crash through this right away...

Johnny: If you always go in head-first, you'll be done for. Just like with that officer before...

May: Johnny, you're mean.

Johnny: Well now, a museum like this will have a very fine security system.

May: Uhhuh.

Johnny: To get past this beautifully, we must be cunning like the demons, and bold like the gods.

May: I got it Johnny!

Johnny: Do you really get it? Well, just climb down quietly.

May: OK!

Johnny: May, you brought that half of the tablet, right?

May: Yeah, just like you told me to, right here.

Johnny: Nothing, very strange... it's not here?

May: Not here?

Johnny: Well, they say that when two dangerous things get close, there's a response from each of them.

May: Oh... then if there's no response...

Johnny: It means the info we got was fake!

Venom: That is correct.

Venom: You did well to come this far, but I suggest you leave that tablet here and leave this place.

Johnny: Who... are... you?

May: Are you from the Police like before!?

Venom: No... I am not of the Police.

Assassin: Venom-sama, the preparations are complete.

Johnny: Oh, such formal-sounding talk. Doesn't sound that different from the Police, Assassin boy? No, I guess you're not of the age to be called "boy" anymore...

Venom: There is no "age" for us Assassins. We only follow our duties.

Johnny: May... it's time for a flashy party.

May: Ok, party party!

May: Mist Finer!

Johnny: Serious... Mist Finer!

Johnny: You can only win with numbers in politics... Divine Blade.

Venom: As expected from the Jellyfish pirates... yours is no ordinary skill.

Johnny: Let's go for danger... that's my name.

May: We did it, Johnny!

Venom: I see, so it's "Johnny". I'll remember that.

Johnny: What?

Venom: A solemn requiem... Dimmu Borgir!

May: Johnny!

Johnny: May, contact the ship. This fight's turned against us... we've gotten wrapped up in something really annoying. We're pulling out!

May: April, April! Come hurry! Johnny's...

April: May, this is April! We're in trouble here to... aah!

May: April!

Venom: The first step in tactics is cutting off the opponent... shoot!

May: Iruka-san!

Venom: Red Hail!

Venom: I don't want to hurt anybody outside of my duty. So... hand over that Old World tablet!

May: No way!

Venom: The recklessness of youth... don't think it'll be that way forever.

Johnny: Serious... Mist Finer!

Johnny: Oh? Looks like I've gotten control of myself again. Hey, hey hey! It's show time! Come on!

May: Johnny!

Johnny: Well, round two is in our favor now. Now how should we do things?

Venom: Oh? And who's driven who against the wall?

May: Being a sore loser, that's pathetic!

Venom: The power of the Assassin Syndicate... is like this!

Johnny: What is that?!

Narrator: The Assassin Syndicate, after the tablet the two carry. That is a group of killers after them. Will Johnny and May, targeted by Venom, be erased by the Syndicate?


4. [ Good Present


Narrator: Chapter Four - Good Present

Narrator: Discovered at an Old World ruin, a tablet that holds the secrets of Old World technology. Following a rumor of its discovery, Johnny and May have fallen into a trap at the hands of Venom and the Assassin Syndicate. Will their time for payback come?

Johnny: Well now... how do we fight alone?

Venom: Oh? And who's driven who against the wall?

May: Being a sore loser, that's pathetic!

Venom: The power of the Assassin Syndicate... is like this!

Johnny: What is that?!

Venom: Let me bury you with this building. It's an Old World technology tablet after all... it shouldn't break that easily. After you two are dead, I can look for it at my leisure...

Johnny: You, when did you...

May: Coward!

Venom: We, the Assassins, are a killing Syndicate! If it becomes necessary we can prepare for a number of plans. Such as... rigging a building to explode, and leaving one behind to pin down the enemy...

Johnny: So your pals were pretending to be beaten? It's clear enough now that you explain it, but shouldn't you brag after it's done? Let me show you a mystery...

May: We did it, Johnny!

Venom: Prepare yourself... Dark Angel!

Johnny: Oh, and now my miraculous sexy form... could have been hurt.

Venom: Damn, did we spend too much time talking...

Disc: This disc is a Data Disc collecting the current scientific knowledge of the world. Knowledge, origins, and scientific technology are recorded in this technological backbone. The four-alloy metal coating *bzz* Please select a chapter number or use the search key *bzz* clones can be created from these cells *bzz* to search by genre, please use the genre select key *bzz* Cherenkov Radia...

Venom: This is... a holographic image!

May: It worked?

Johnny: Oh, so it still works even cut in half?

Venom: This is... a "disc" of the Old World! Do you mean to say that with this, one can remake the weapons of the Old days?

Johnny: So... a database system, after all.

Venom: Yes... the sealed technology of the Old World. Said to surpass even Gears, blacktech! Sorry, but we Assassins will take this...

Johnny: I like how I'm living now. Living with May, being free... my life now... I won't let you have it just for blacktech!

May: Johnny!

April: May, sorry to keep you waiting!

May: April! Is everyone on the ship ok?

April: We're ok over here! Jellyfish Pirates... you can't beat us in the sky!

April: Then let's go... everyone! Gather around!** It's your turn!
**Another reference to May's IK

Venom: Damn!

May: Ok, to finish...

Johnny: ...we run.

May: Not again, Johnny!

Johnny: Hurry!

May: Oh, the tablet...


May: Why did we run away?

Johnny: We shouldn't fight with a joke of a Syndicate like that. It'd drop our rank.

May: Really?

Johnny: Oh and anyway, that tablet... it's a disk. It's not a treasure map.

May: Huh?

Johnny: That has Old World technology in it.... hmm, like a book.

May: Then, treasure...?

Johnny: ... has nothing to do with it.

May: I don't like books!

Johnny: Old World technology... this certainly is precious, but also dangerous... probably best to get rid of it now... tsk tsk, wait a second...

May: Ok, let's trash it!

Johnny: Hey, don't be hasty!

May: But...

Johnny: Ah ha, great idea.

May: What what!? What great idea?!

Johnny: Look forward to finding out...


Venom: It's me... I see... they've seen Him... Ok. Finding the tablet is on hold. Put everybody on search! Zato-sama... I'll definitely save you!


April: Ah, May! What's that pendant?

May: Isn't it great?! I just got it from Johnny.

April: Shining in the morning light... so pretty!

May: Isn't it, isn't it?

April: Heheh... I got one too!

May: Ehhh!?

April: See, together with May!

Leap: Oh, everybody's here together.

May: Huh? Leap-san too...

April: Aah, Leap-san's with us too...

Leap: It looks like the other girls all got one too...

April: To think that tablet could be used for this...

Leap: It's almost Johnny-san's birthday, isn't it? In return for these pendants, we should all think about getting him something nice!

May: (Johnny gave everybody a present... ok! I'll pay him back not with everybody else, but as myself, as a woman...)

April: Hey, what do you think would be good? May?

May: Ah, sorry April. I'm going to go out for a bit.

April: Where are you going?! May?!

May: I'm going to buy a present for Johnny!

April: Buy one? But you have no money...!

May: I'll earn it myself! After all, I'm an adult! Adults should give a loved one a present that has feelings with it!

Narrator: The Jellyfish Pirates' ship, floating in the sky, heads towards a new goal. The Assassins, defeated, leave to search for a man. Can sins be erased? Can redemption be found? People welcome a new day, fearing the darkness they've witnessed...



5. [ Street Corner


Narrator: Chapter Two - Street Corner

Narrator: The Old World Ruin crumbled as a result of the violent battle. Ky, serving as an officer of the Police Force, has let Johnny and May run away. What was left was only half of a tablet of the Old World...

Ky: Is everyone alright?

Officer 1: Somehow, we were all able to escape out the front...

Ky: Change of course?

Officer 2: Completed.

Ky: Thank God. Then, everyone please retreat back to the ship momentarily.

Showman: Um... I'm still being held, but... my ruins...?

Ky: Without question, they will be sealed. And, in relation to that you must be punished, so be prepared.

Officer 1: Now, I need to take some information, so come with me.

Showman: But...!

Ky: I will go and make sure there were no aftereffects in the village, then return to the ship.

Officer 2: I'll go too...

Ky: I'll be fine by myself. If something happens I'll contact you.

Officer 2: Understood.


Ky: To think there was something that dangerous so close to a village like this... at least we avoided the worst situation... thank God. Now to take care of the tablet from the Ruins...

Ky: I wonder... what is in that tablet... Somehow I feel that it would've been better to seal it with the ruins, but... if I'm commanded to bring it back, I'll have no choice. But a tablet like this... like this...'s gone?

Ky: Impossible... it was here... ! I was pickpocketed! Those children just now... it couldn't be!


Man: Yo, did you get anything good?

Girl: Yeah, I got this from the guy in the white cape!

Man: Well done, well done. But try for somebody that looks richer next time... do well, and we'll let you join our team. Our team's great! You can eat good stuff all the time...

Girl: Really?!

Man: Steal from 2 or 3 more people... and we'll talk about it.

Girl: Ok!

Man: Now, let's see... what is this? Is this really worth anything?

Chipp: No it ain't!

Man: Wh-who's there!?

Chipp: What are you doing, using kids! Piece of trash!

Man: What are you talking about!?

Chipp: Luring kids with food... you have no right to live. Take this!

Chipp: Stand up. Come on!

Chipp: To think that trash like you exists!

Ky: Stop.

Ky: The only way I can see this is bullying... stop it.

Chipp: Don't try to stop me.

Ky: Keep going, and he'll die.

Chipp: Anh? Why the hell are you here?

Ky: I'm a victim, you see. Of that pickpocket...

Chipp: Seems like something important was taken from you. I just got it back. Here.

Ky: Now, let him g...

Chipp: Hey!

Ky: Stop it!

Chipp: Huh? You got what yours, so you have no more business here. Go home, son. This ain't a tourist attraction.

Ky: I have no problem with making you two a tourist attraction... in the courtroom.

Chipp: And I just did you a favor. What's with that cop-like talk?

Ky: I AM a cop.

Chipp: So you... you're a friend of these dogs!?

Ky: There's no need to be serious towards these village punks... Chipp Zanuff.

Chipp: Don't use my name lightly! This isn't me being serious...

Ky: That's why I stopped you.

Chipp: You know... I hate punks who lure kids with food, but I hate the Police even more! Even though they can't do anything by themselves, they carry themselves around just like that! They ignore those in need and make themselves the friend of the rich! That's just called political corruption.

Ky: I don't care what you think about us, but I can't let you act as you're doing now. Please come with me.

Chipp: And if I say no?

Ky: Then I'll force you.

Chipp: Hey! With that weak kind of "justice", you get all high and mighty!

Ky: (Geh... I have the disadvantage fighting here.)

Chipp: I can't stand that... that intelligence-faking talk, that disguised body! I don't like it at all! Gamma Blade!

Ky: (Can I dodge it?)

Chipp: Dammit... you can dodge that?

Ky: (I must get to somewhere more out in the open...)

Ky: Why don't you chase me with that speed you like so much!

Chipp: Stop running! Wait!

Chipp: Damn it, staying and running...

Ky: (If we fight here, it'll impact the village. I need to get somewhere with no people around...)

Chipp: Alpha Blade!

Ky: Not here...!

Ky: (Can't I stop it from impacting our surroundings, much less dodge it?)

Ky: (I've got to get somewhere with no people!)

Chipp: Wait!

Narrator: Ky, in the process of withdrawing from human settlement, suddenly finds himself at the Old World ruins...

Ky: It seems I've come back to these Old World ruins. Now that we're here, I can fully concentrate on being a suitable opponent for you.

Chipp: You can still talk crap like that... after running away...

Ky: It seems that when the blood goes to your head, it's hard for you to realize what's going on.

Chipp: Shut up. Eat this!

Ky: Stun Edge!

Chipp: Is that it?! I'm a shinobi! Find Me!

Ky: He disappeared?!

Chipp: This is it! Delta End!

Ky: Let me show you me being serious. Stun Edge... Charge Attack!

Chipp: What's happening... my technique!

Ky: What the!

Officer 1: Ky-sama, it's an emergency! A Zepp battle airship has...!

Ky: What I've done... has it blown up to something like this?!

???: We are Zepp's Air Force. You over there... hand over that tablet. Listen to our request, and we'll guarantee your safety.

Ky: What...!

???: You're surrounded. Since we've ressurrected Old World technology... our weapons are powerful. Even if effects pop up in that village... we don't care.

Ky: It seems yet another amazingly bad thing has entered the picture... understood. I will do as you request.

???: As to be expected, Ky-dono. A wise decision. That is all.

Ky: What I've done...

???: President Gabriel will probably thank you.

Ky: Chipp Zanuff...!... looks like I let you get away. Both of them... no... I can't let the tablet get away!

Narrator: It wasn't a defeat... it was a beginning. Ky Kiske calls his own Police ship. Letting Chipp go, Ky aims for the retreating Zepp airship... until it melts into the blue sky.



6. [ Thunder


Narrator: Chapter Three - Thunder

Narrator: When the Police Force arrived at the Old World ruin to pick up Ky, he had already lost sight of the Zepp airship...

Officer 1: Ky-sama...

Ky: Please hurry. We can't afford to lose them here...

Officer 2: There appear to be traces of cannonfire up ahead.

Ky: Then let us go immediately.

Officer 1: Report!

Ky: Up here in the sky, nobody will get needlessly involved...

Showman: Um... about me...

Ky: This is an emergency. I'll deal with you later.

Ky: The enemy is...?

Officer 1: Headed towards the interior.

Ky: Can we catch them?

Officer 1: Leave it to me. The Police Force will not lose out to Zepp's ships.

Officer 2: The enemy has fired! One... two... three shots! Here it comes!

Officer 2: Hit the stern! Also the engines. No damage!

Ky: Are you alright?

Officer 1: Leave it to me! Full magic power!

Officer 2: I see it! More enemy shots... incoming!

Ky: Can we not attack from this end?

Officer 1: They are out of shot range.

Ky: Those Old World weapons... quite a formidable opponent.

Officer 2: Damage to the magic support from that last attack. Speed is dropping.

Ky: Can we get close to them, even for a second?

Officer 1: What do you plan on...

Ky: I will sneak onto their ship by myself.

Officer 1: But...!

Ky: We can't let them get away.

Officer 1: Understood. We'll chase them down!

Ky: I'm counting on you.

Ky: An attack?

Officer 2: It's a thundercloud... amazing.

Ky: The ship?

Officer 2: No problems. Target speed is dropping.

Officer 1: Now we can catch up!

Officer 2: Sensors are malfunctioning because of the lightning...

Ky: Can we get them in sight?

Officer 2: The coordinates are recorded. Now calculating...

Ky: Prepare the deck!

Officer 1: Leave it to me.

Narrator: Standing on the deck of his ship, Ky counts down towards his leap for the Zepp airship...

Ky: 20... 15... 10... 6... now!

Ky: Our ship...! Please... be safe...

???: The enemy! They've snuck aboard! Attack!

Ky: It seems it's my job from here. Crescent Slash! Vapor Thrust!

Ky: I went easy on you!

Ky: Where...

Narrator: Meanwhile, in the Zepp airship's lab...

Disc: Chapter error. Because of the error, the present chapter cannot be selected. *bzz*...locomotion produces ener... *bzz* error within the sector. Cannot be recovered. *bzz* the limits of the *bzz* cloning of male cells has *bzz* atmospheric disturbances produce *bzz* please take a new *bzz* at 6000 meters, evolutionary animals *bzz* at 91 km in circular orbit *bzz* by taking one's own atoms...

Potemkin: How is it?

???: It's been damaged beyond repair. With error correction we can still get about 40% of the data, but... getting it accurately is...

Potemkin: This is very precious data. We must get it back...

???: I will try one more time.

Potemkin: Old World technology... that it was this far... it seems we cannot give this to anybody else.

Ky: I've found you.

???: Who the hell are you!?

Potemkin: Keep working. Welcome... Ky Kiske-dono.

Ky: So it was you. Potemkin. I haven't seen you since the last tournament.

Potemkin: Can I ask you to withdraw from this?

Ky: Then I must have that tablet back. That is from an Old World ruin. Things having to do with the Old World must be taken care of by the Police.

Potemkin: I can't do that. I must take this tablet... no, this disk... back to Zepp. I can't let this be handled improperly. I can't leave it with you.

Ky: Even a tablet's shell?

Potemkin: If you don't know, let me explain. This disc is a database system containing records of all of Old World technology. With just one of these, we can draw out information about all of their society.

Ky: All of Old World technology?

Potemkin: That's right.

Ky: It's too dangerous! You know why we've sealed away things having to do with that culture, right.

Potemkin: Don't think you can solve all your problems just by throwing away technology. To solve technological problems, we must have that same technological knowledge! Protecting this knowledge is my duty!

Ky: Do you realize how many times man walked upon the path of destruction, not being able to control their technology? That is proven by history.

Potemkin: Don't worry about it anymore. Just leave this to us.

Ky: It looks like I can only persuade you with my blade...

Potemkin: I will succeed with my duty.

Ky: Here I come...

Potemkin: Hammer Fall!

Ky: You're ignoring your legs! Stun Dipper!

Ky: Dodged?

Potemkin: I won't let you! Take this... Potemkin Buster!

Potemkin: Accept this... this is the true fist! Magnum Opera!

Ky: Ride the Lightning!

Potemkin: ... well done!

Ky: Whew... just barely...

Disc: Error... error.... error...

Ky: Now, just to take this and get out of here.

???: He's getting away!

???: He's over here!

Ky: I must hurry!

Narrator: Aboard the Zepp airship, Ky rushes faster than lightning. Slipping into the darkness to avoid the enemy, he truly becomes a bolt of lightning...


7.[ Crater



Narrator: Chapter Four - Crater

Narrator: Corridors called corridors, rooms called rooms, in the Zepp airship, Ky Kiske may not stand much longer. Bearing the tablet from the Old World, he continues his escape.

Ky: Whoops, not here.

???: He's over here!

Ky: Just how many soldiers are there on this thing!?

???: Don't worry about him! Just preserve the tablet!

Ky: I must get out onto the deck...

???: He's there. Get him!

???: He's on the deck!

???: Fire!

Ky: It seems like I can't jump down from here...

???: Over here!

Ky: I've run out of places to run...

???: Ok! We've got you now.

???: Just hand over that tablet!

Potemkin: Wait. Step aside!

Ky: So you were ok.

Potemkin: Now... will you give that back to us? Don't think we'll let the Police force use that!

Ky: Flying in this ship... you've seen the face of the world, haven't you. From this technology... stolen by blacktech... the spoiled face of nature. That crater you see below us... you should know what that is. Destroyed by blacktech... wait for a hundred years and still not a single stalk of grass will grow. That's the gravestone of nature.

Potemkin: A sin from the past...

Ky: We will not let this happen again. Thus, we Police will seal...

Potemkin: But... if we hand it over to the Police, the Police will simply use it. They'll use it only to increase their own power.

Ky: That won't happen.

Potemkin: How do you know?

Ky: Because... we are here to protect people.

Potemkin: And who will guarantee that?

Ky: Even at the cost of my life...

Ky: What's so funny?

Potemkin: What...!

Ky: That's...!

Officer 1: The Police force has arrived.

Showman: See? I can track down blacktech! I found that tablet!

Officer 1: So it was Zepp?

Officer 2: Charge the ship! We'll rescue the captain!

Ky: Everyone... you're alright?

Officer 1: Everyone and the ship are ok. Sorry for taking so long to catch up!

Ky: No need for apologies!

Potemkin: What are you doing... separate!

Ky: Your words... I'll ask upon them some other day! Ride the Lightning!

Potemkin: Dammit!

Ky: This is for before! I don't like fighting hastily!

Potemkin: Don't run!

Officer 1: I'm glad you're alright, Leader**!
**Danchou, title within the Holy Order

Ky: We must separate from them quickly. Emergency deccelerate! And... I'm not the Leader anymore.

Ky: Cover fire while we're separating.

Potemkin: Stop. Don't let them get away!

???: Emergency message from headquarters. "Get Potemkin", it says!

Potemkin: A communication in such an important time as this!?

???: It's from President Gabriel!

Potemkin: ... fire engines!

Officer 1: The Zepp ship is withdrawing.

Officer 2: Cannonfire!

Ky: Send an emergency message to Police HQ.

Officer 1: Now contacting...

Ky: They're after this tablet... if I can get authorization to destroy this, we can stop the needless fighting...

Officer 1: Connected to HQ.

Ky: This is Ky. I've recovered the Old World tablet. I request permission to destroy as a dangerous gadget.

???: This is HQ. The orders are to bring it back.

Ky: But... it's an emergency! Rather than sealing, we should des...

???: It's not to seal, we need to investigate it. The orders are to bring it back.

Ky: But... that's!

(Potemkin: The Police will only try to use it. People only try to increase their own strength.)

???: Repeat. Bring the tablet back to H...

Officer 1: Communication unstable because of the thunderstorm.

Officer 2: Ky-sama, where should we head.

Ky: We'll head...

Officer 2: Ky-sama?

Ky: Head towards HQ!

Officer 2: Change course! Head towards HQ!

Officer 1: Changing course. Engines functiona... no, problem detected.

Ky: What is it?

Officer 1: Something... very strong... it's...

Ky: From above!?

Officer 2: Unable to control the ship!

Ky: Reinforcements from Zepp?

Officer 1: No, it's something different!

Officer 2: Ky-sama, please grab hold of something! We must land.

Ky: If we land, head towards that crater from before. There shouldn't be any damage to the surroundings by landing there.

Officer 2: I'll try! Now descending! 10...7...2...

Officer 2: Landed... safely...

Ky: Please confirm the crew's safety.

Officer 1: Understood.

Ky: Wait... this aura... the same as that attack... from outside?

Officer 1: There's been lots of damage, but the crew is ok.

Showman: Me... too...

Ky: Excellent. Now, everyone, withdraw from the ship, and escape.

Officer 1: Huh?

Ky: That's an order. Leave this crater immediately.

Officer 1: What about you, Ky-sama?

Ky: There is something I must do...

Officer 2: Let us help y...

Ky: Follow my orders!

Officer 2: Understood. Good luck!

Ky: I'm sorry... I can't afford to get you mixed into this. Into this fight with him... I can't let anybody...


Ky: Waiting outside for me when I left the ship... burning red flames. Soon, they seem to take the shape of a man... and he appears before me. Yes... it's him. The one I've been after the most... it's him.

Narrator: In the deep black crater, the burning airship. In the darkness, a man's outline forms. Like a sin emerging from darkness, the man Ky has been chasing now appears before him. Will the trigger for this battle be pulled? Or...

Narrator: Next time, Guilty Gear X Drama CD Vol. 2... please look forward to it.

Narrator: In this production:
    Johnny - Wakamoto Norio
    May - Koorogi Satomi
    Ky Kiske - Kusao Takeshi
    Venom - Yaeda Mikio
    Potemkin - Kondou Takashi
    Chipp Zanuff - Miura Gaki
    and others.
    Narration has been brought to you by Koyasu Takehito.

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