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Liner Notes


Q1: The relation between music and games, my favourite character, if I were to compare myself to one of the characters.
Q2: My favourite compositions.
Q3: Recording, Live rehearsal episode.
Q4: About the advantages of live performance and the instruments I handled.


Toru Iwao - Guitar:

Q1. I think that, in the relation between music and games, there exists something like a theme song everyone feels in everyday situations, and I think there is an appropriate composition to stir up the battle spirit for every single character. My favourite character would be.....I-No, I think. In a world of hard-hitting fighting skills women stand out even more, right? The appearance she uses to survive in this harsh world is even cooler. In the live performance we treated her as 'Assassin's Underling" though. Actually, I'm so bad at this game it isn't even funny.

Q2. My favourite composition? Well, I play all the music with an equal amount of effort, so I'd have to say 'all of them'. Furthermore, I adjust the tone color and the nuance of the phrases to suit the image of each character, and I hope everyone has the same feelings for all the characters.

Q3. We went on recording day and night, and the music was so heavy that my right hand became really hot all of a sudden, which freaked me out. I think that, when we were doing the rehearsals for X (I first started working on X) I said something like: 'This is gonna be impossible to pull off live', so I was really worried how this was going to turn out. But as the rehearsals progressed, everything became more complete and started sounding a lot more realistic, which made me really happy for some reason.

Q4. I think you can tell if you listen to it, but I really wanted people to feel the fast-pacedness of a live performance. I wanted people to experience the emotional atmosphere of a live concert, filled with a feeling of excitement that is so very different from the soundtrack, where we were pursuing a degree of perfection. At a live concert everything you feel at that moment is turned into a phrase of the guitar. I really want people to hear that.


Ryo Suzuki - Guitar::

Q1. Existence (assassin's theme) was the one that made me feel most like I had gone into a time-slip back to the years of 18-year old Guitar Kids.

Q2. Noontide (Sol vs. Ky theme), Keep yourself Alive II (Sol's theme), Holy Orders (Ky's theme), Simple Life (Bridget's theme), Existence (assassin) are all filled with phrases of which I can say "This is Heavy Metal!"

Q3. I've had nothing but GGXX music in my head for the past couple of months and it feels like all I found myself humming to were the phrases used in this live performance.

Q4. I have been able to experience the profoundness of Hardrock/Heavy Metal Guitar even further. I was the one jamming on the Backing Guitar at the live concert. (Rock on!!)


Shinji Matsumoto - Bass:

Q1. It seems that, the one thing that is making the most use of Heavy Metal in this world (Japan), is game music. In a sense VGM has stayed the most loyal to it. This must come as a surprise to all the fans who are taking Guilty Gear for granted. Fantastic! Is something with this much speed going to be able to give a solid feeling to a game character? The perpetually drunk Johnny is my favourite.

Q2. All of these numerous compositions were a lot of hard work. There were lots of compositions that turned out different from what I expected, so in a sense I learned a lot of new things. I guess I like Noontide (Sol vs. Ky theme) most. There's good drive in this music.

Q3. After the recording was done by Ume-chan, who did the drums, I tried to do the recording in the same vein, but there were some nasty traps in the rhythm (Slipbeat, polyrhythm) and I had a really hard time. Every time I tended to shout out: "Damn you, Ume!" (of course, my voice wasn't recorded).

Q4. I think that the feeling of 'drive' is a must in any live performance. And then there was all the trouble we had with some really bold arrangements... It was a thrilling experience.


Koichi Seiyama - Keyboards:

Q1. I think the music in the GG series is not so much 'BGM' as it is something like a Pro-wrestler's theme. And then there's the fact that it's not like other fighting games that tend to be 'a trade fair of musical genres', but that it solely concentrates on Heavy Metal. My favourite character......umm....I guess Milia I-No, because she has that 'mature girl' feeling. If I had to compare myself to one of the characters....I think I resemble one of the good-looking characters such as Ky, but since that's bound to get me into trouble with the Ky fans out there, I'll just keep it at 'Eddie'. Or maybe 'Zappa'...

Q2. When I'm performing my sadistic side always shows its face, and I can't stand that feeling *laughs*. The songs I like most is.....[Blue Water Blue Sky (May's theme)], because it's so lively and exhilarating. I also really like how the B-melody and the ending for [Holy Orders (Ky's theme)] were done.

Q3 At the time of recording I really hated myself for thinking: "Surely we're not really going to perform this live, right?". Because there's so many kinds of sound we use. But I only have two hands. What was funny was that, normally, we keep eye-contact whilst performing, but none of us had the time or freedom to do that.

Q4. In all the compositions for GGXX, Synth takes in a very important position. Actually it also very much defines the music. The only track that didn't use synth on the original CD was 'Shadow Festival' (we used an organ for the live performance). I hope you'll enjoy the Live Arrangements we made under the premise of reproducing the world view of our music. But, man, my head and fingers are so tired *laughs*.


Yasuhiro Umezawa - Drums:

Q1. My favourite character is I-No. Because she's sexy! I've been told....I kinda resemble Axl.

Q2. Actually, I like [Missing (Staffroll 3)].

I'd like you all to admire the fact that the drum play in [Momentary (Baiken's theme)], the irregular fill in [Shadow Festival (I-No's theme)] and [Elegance (Anji's theme)], and the fast play in [Bloodstained Lineage (Testament's theme)] were all done by a 46-year-old.

Q3. One and a half years have passed since the recording, so I really had trouble trying to copy (and remember) my own performance. The steep staircase between the Recording Studio and the Console Room took several years off my life *laughs*.

Q4. The biggest appeal here, is that it's Live. The way you breathe changes and you start to sweat. Communicating with the audience is fantastic. I used a Pearl Drum! And the drum I used was a real pearl as well! If I ever get another chance, that's probably going to be my retirement performance. Definitely.



First off, I want to thank you for buying this Sound Alive CD.

I have been dreaming of organizing a Live concert ever since I came into contact with Guilty Gear music, and now I've finally done it! At first I was really worried whether we were going to be able to pull this off, and whether we could get enough people to come.

But as soon as the rehearsals had started after the New Year's Holidays of 2003 and we started arranging the Guilty Gear music for a Live performance with the members of A.S.H, I thought "Hey, this could really work!" and I thought we should work out the arrangements for the concert into a Live Album, and thus I started seeing the light in what might have been a bit (?) of a forced plan. That was 2 years after I had decided I really wanted to make a Live recording of Guilty Gear music. That Live concert was my dearest wish, and that precise moment where the members of A.S.H. appeared on stage for the opening and the audience started cheering and clapping, I unconsciously clenched my fists and was really impressed with the sight of this powerful, fired up audience really enjoying itself. I am certain that when you listen to this album you will be able to feel the power of A.S.H. and the heat generated by the audience. We are very curious to hear about any of your opinions and wishes for the next Live Concert.

- Producer Suzuki Takao (Star Jam Corporation)


It all started with a simple remark made by the producer, Mr. Takao (Suzuki). "Shall we do Guilty Gear Live?" We from A.S.H. were stirred by these words, which in a sense could be taken as a 'challenge'.

At the very beginning we performed at "The Third Guilty Gear XX Festival" in Shinagawa in November 2002. In essence, it seemed like a good advertisement for A.S.H., but the path we had to travel was going to be harsh. That's because we were faced with one of the biggest problems musicians have to deal with, namely: 'How are we going to perform recorded music Live?' Guilty Gear XX music was indeed arranged under the premise that real people were going to perform it. So you'd think 'Well, surely a Live performance is no problem then?'....Wrong! For instance, when playing in the arcades, you can have battles that make both the winner and the loser go 'wow, that was a good fight!', right? Now, do you think you could pull that exact same battle (including the timing for all the special moves) off again? That's the same kind of problem. Furthermore, we record the music by piling the Guitar and Keyboard sounds on top of each other, and you can't really have 4 or 5 Guitarists getting on stage for the Live performance, right? So we had to carry out a 'Live arrangement' that was within the realm of our capabilities. Crossing all these kinds of obstacles we managed to finish this Live show and the members were all really happy they performed because of the massive response from the audience and we were all really surprised that things could get THIS heated up at a Live Game Music concert. This album perfectly captures that excitement. I hope that all the people who came to the concert will be reminded of that day, and that the people who unfortunately could not come will be able to feel the experience. I'm sure you will all be able to feel the heat of A.S.H.

By the way, I'm sure there's people who will go 'Hey, why isn't that character's theme in here!?', but that's something to look forward to next time. (Will there be a next time, Mr. Takao?).

- Koichi Seiyama (A.S.H.)

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